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One year ago today

One year ago today I was a miserable mess. A very large miserable mess. One year ago today I was uncomfortable, worried, and oh-so-ready to be done with pregnancy. And really, really large. Did I mention that already?

One year ago today I needed a crane to move me from room to room.

One year ago today I needed a crane to move me from room to room.

One year ago today I couldn’t sleep comfortably in my bed — even with the aid of seven bed pillows to prop me up. I couldn’t comfortably hold or hug my four-year old, and to see me attempt to clip my fat cat’s claws was actually quite humorous. I was at least two centimeters dilated, sick with a cold, and desperately grateful my mom had arrived to help hold down the fort and make chicken soup.

In the midst of being so miserable, I was also thrilled I had made it as far as I did, pregnant at thirty-eight weeks with twins. Healthy twins. I had been determined to make it to April 8th, my father’s sixty-fifth birthday. My doctor thought I was a crazy woman, carrying almost twelve pounds of baby in my five-foot-one frame, to not want to up the delivery date, but dammit, I had scheduled everyone to within an inch of their lives.

One year ago today I thought I had an idea of what the next year would hold, but I really had no clue.

I was just ready to be done with the massive belly.

One Comment

  1. Corrine says:

    Papa Jack just came by my workstation and asked with much excitement “did you see the video for the twins?” and so I did. Abi, what a beautiful job you are doing with your family. You are a woman who is using her gifts wisely. Thank you for sharing this.