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What’s more than what’s more than space

Ethan is at Camp Grandma and Grandpa’s in Idaho right now. He’s been there for a week and a half already, and he’s got just under two more weeks before he comes home. I miss him terribly, but having your five-year-old away from home for several weeks is not without its merits. I’m getting some things done that I haven’t had time for, like actually cleaning up my office instead of trying to artfully arrange piles of junk to go through at a later date. Not doing the afternoon school pick-up everyday affords me more time for work and household chores while I have Christine at the house, and I’m getting some quality one-on-one-but-mostly-one-on-two time with Miranda and Henry.

But I miss Ethan terribly. I miss his incredible brain, and his fierce hugs.

He is having a grand time — the kind of time that creates lasting memories — but I miss him. We get on Skype every few days and his little brother and sister go bonkers for seeing him, squealing and dancing and laughing at their big brother on the computer screen. When Ethan comes home, they are going to need sedatives.

Tonight, on the phone, Ethan interrupted our conversation about state versus federal government leadership (I am not kidding) to say:

Mommy? Daddy? You know what? I love you more than Space, and more than what’s more than Space, and more than what’s more than that…  I love you. No other person in my love chart can go past you.

Man, I miss that kid. I love him more than what more than what’s more than Space. I’m thrilled he’s having such fun. I can’t wait for him to tell me about it in person.


  1. Pobba says:

    Not unusual. I feel the same about you.