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I love listening to Henry and Miranda talk with each other these days.

This morning, after I gave each one their yogurt cup at breakfast:

Henry: This is my yogurt. You have your yogurt, M’wanda?
Miranda: I have a yogurt!
Henry: Hi, M’wanda! You are my fwend? You are my fwend, M’wanda?
Miranda: My yogurt is cold.
Henry: Oh.

The other day in the car on the way to school:

Miranda: (raising up her toy, Simba-style) I have my tiger!
Henry: My see it, M’wanda?
Miranda: Henwee, you too far away.
Henry: My want to, M’wanda! My see it?
Miranda: You can’t see now, Henwee. You be paysent.
Henry: My not be paysent! My see it!

A few days ago, in the car (which is an easy place for eavesdropping). Henry is ‘singing.’

Miranda: Henwee! Be quiet!
Henry: My not be quiet, M’wanda.
Miranda: You boddering me, Henwee. You need be quiet!
Henry: My not be quiet. I singing!
Miranda (closing eyes): Ssssssssss, Henwee. It sweeping time. I sweeping. It quiet time.
Henry: It not sweeping time. It wake-up time!
Me: Henry, why don’t you sing a little more quietly? Can you be a little quieter for Miranda?
Henry: My not be quiet. My be LOUDER.

And he was.


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