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ALMOST anything

Every night when I tuck the kids into bed, I usually have a little something that I say to each of them, privately. Just a little something for just the two of us, because it’s hard to be one of three kids in a house (I know from experience), vying for a parent’s attention. More often than not, the little something is a variation of the same theme.

Tonight, when tucking Miranda in, I leaned in and touched my nose to hers.

“You are my very special girl, you know?”
“Yes, I am!” was her enthusiastic whisper.
“And girls can do anything they want to do, right? You can be anything you want to be.”
Without skipping a beat, my little girl–sister to two boys–matter-of-factly stated, “No…girls don’t have a penis!”
“Well,” I replied. “That is true, Miranda. You got me there.”



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