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Category Archives: The Mouths of Babes

Caught in the, uh, headlights

The setting, my room. I am getting dressed. Henry walks in. He points to my bra. Him: “Whassdat?” Me: “Um… That is something that Mommy wears.” Him: “What’s its name called?” Me: “It’s called a bra.” Him: “Why you have it?” Me: “It’s something that I wear.” Him: “But, WHY?” Me: “Because I need it […]

Twin tease

Henry: “I can’t cwean up because I am not seven like my bwuhver. Someday I will be seven and I will cwean up then.” Miranda: “You are not seven. You are still two. Ha ha ha ha.” H: “Dat is not wight, Muwanda! We are fwee.” M: “YOU are two. Ha ha ha ha ha!” […]

Love and satisfaction

Henry: “I yuv you, Mommy. And I yuv Daddy.” Me: “Henry, what is love?” Henry: “I don’t know.” Me: “Well, what does love make you feel like?” Henry: “Like… Like hummus!” Me: “Interesting…” . . . . . Miranda: “Mommy! I went poopy on the potty! Do I get a gummie now? Me: “No, sweetheart. […]

That’s just weird

Ethan: “Whoever invented the word, ‘nuh-uh’ must have been super weird.” Me: “It isn’t a word, dude.” Ethan: “Well, technically it IS a word.” Me: “Um, no. It is not.” Ethan: “Then why do so many people say it?” Me: “People make up words all the time.” Ethan: “That’s just weird.”

FLASHBACK: It’s in the teaching

Every once in a while I look through my past writing and dust off something from the vault. I originally wrote this in January, 2009, on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Ethan was almost four. I told Ethan there was no school today because it was a special holiday called Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. […]