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Category Archives: The Mouths of Babes

ALMOST anything

Every night when I tuck the kids into bed, I usually have a little something that I say to each of them, privately. Just a little something for just the two of us, because it’s hard to be one of three kids in a house (I know from experience), vying for a parent’s attention. More […]


I love listening to Henry and Miranda talk with each other these days. This morning, after I gave each one their yogurt cup at breakfast: Henry: This is my yogurt. You have your yogurt, M’wanda? Miranda: I have a yogurt! Henry: Hi, M’wanda! You are my fwend? You are my fwend, M’wanda? Miranda: My yogurt […]


I’m in the kitchen, cleaning up and prepping dinner for tonight. Ethan is quietly playing in the other room, and Henry and Miranda are playing together — quite nicely, thank goodness — in the kitchen/playroom. I’m giggling at their conversation, and thankful that at least some of the things we try to teach them are […]


Me, upon discovering Christine has brought Miranda downstairs while Henry naps away: “Miranda! Why aren’t you sleeping?” Her: “I sleeping last night!” Duh, Mom. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Miranda, to Jack, after watching him give me a hug and a kiss goodbye in the morning: “You loving Mommy!” Duh, Miranda.


Much has happened in the past few weeks. The craziness is still ongoing. I plan on writing about it soon, when I can gather my thoughts together cohesively, but this post is all about Ethan. He’s off to Idaho to spend two and a half weeks with Jack’s parents, like last year, and I will […]