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FLASHBACK: Manipulation, toddler style

Every once in a while I look through my past writing and dust off something from the vault. This piece was originally written in April, 2007, a month after Ethan turned two. In four days he will turn five (I won’t even start right now on how freaked out I am about that), and is still very much the negotiator. If only I had known then just how MUCH a negotiator he would be… But really? Could I have done much about it? This kid is surely going to be a lawyer… Or an agent.

A few mornings ago Ethan asked for a chocolate chip cookie for breakfast:

Ethan: Mommy, I wanna chocachip cookie?
Me: That’s not an appropriate breakfast food, bud. How about some yummy banana yogurt and some Crispix?

Ethan: I don’t want rickets.
Me: Well, I certainly wouldn’t want rickets, either, but these Crispix are super yummy.

Three minutes pass.

Ethan: Mommy, Ethan have an owie.
Me: Where’s your owie, honey?

Ethan: On a knee, Mommy.
Me: Right here? (kissing a non-scathed knee)

Ethan: Yeah, Mommy, yeah… (then, with a bright smile) Maybe a chocachip cookie make it feel better!



  1. lailani says:

    I really don’t see why he shouldn’t have cookies for breakfast. The sugar crash would probably make afternoon napping a little easier.

  2. Kerry says:

    Oh, I love this. That kid!