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Who’s this Blabigail?

Don't let this picture fool you. I am rarely so nicely coiffed.

Don’t let this picture fool you. I am rarely so nicely coiffed. (photo by deborah sherman)

This opinionated and blabby woman is me, Abi Bowling, five-foot-one (barely) mother-of-three-under-eleven, and wife to Jack, aka Logic Man.

I started Blabigail because I’d been writing and sending and blabbing out bits and pieces of life, and I liked the process. I could be a real-time blogger, I thought. So I embraced that thought and purchased a domain name, puffed up with the plans of an imminent website.

That was over a year before I started Blabbing. You can see how motivated and quick-on-my feet I was to get a move-on. Why the delay?

In my defense, Your Honor, I became pregnant with, and gave birth to, two babies.


At the same time. (Yeah, no big whoop, right? Women do that all the time.)

Twins gestating in a five-foot-one (barely) frame is a challenge to geometry and dignity. Comfort disappeared from my lexicon. Especially while trying to keep up with an incredibly energetic almost-four-year-old. I was grouchy. For an uncountable number of trimesters and breast feedings, the last thing I thought of doing was write for the likes of you.

But I’m ALL BETTER now. I twitch only occasionally. I no longer bite…much. And my focused, coherent real-time blogger plans have been reincarnated.

When I’m not blogging and being a mom-who-needs-a-shower-because-hello!-three kids!, I am an utter and complete computer nerd. I work from home for a boutique web design firm run by one of my fabulous sisters. I do HR, care for and feed the server, code-code-code, and fix whatever just crashed. The boss (my sister) says I am never allowed to leave the company, even if I win the lottery. Since I never actually play the lottery, I’d say she’s got me for life. There are worse things, I’m sure. Lucky for me I adore my family! Even when I am cursing them, I adore them.

I have values. I value grammar. I value education. I value reading, though my time to do so has been significantly diminished by the ins and outs of mommyhood. I insist my kids learn and practice good manners. I don’t consider myself too strict a mother, just a very focused one.

I am petrified of heights. AND I have vertigo. Out of this necessity, I am a feet-on-the-ground kind of gal.

I’d like to be a good cook, but Logic Man has severe limits on his edibles. “Picky” doesn’t go far enough.

You want to know more? I’ll be blabbing. Count on it!