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Instrumental joy

I wish I could spell how he says “ukelele.”

Yes, I’ve been very silent…

I’ve been so busy, and I keep thinking I will find the time to write, but I end up coming up with some excuse to work on something else. Kids, work, house… it’s always something. I have about a dozen posts all semi-written in my head, even. I just need to sit down and WRITE. […]

Um… oh yeah… I forgot to tell you…

Summer seems like a forever ago. So much has happened since, like this… and other things like, you know, life. Summer and the chaos that encompassed it are now almost a dream. The last of the medical bills have been paid and filed away, and puffy, red scar-tissue is looking less… angry. Children can be […]

An infiltrated dream

I used to be able to recall my dreams quite often, but lately — maybe because I’m always so bone tired — I have remembered close to none. Except last night. Last night I had a dream about a large rodent loose in the house. It was my house, except it wasn’t, and my bed […]

I love school!

Yesterday I took Henry and Miranda to their preschool to check out their classroom for the Meet-and-Greet hour. They got to check out their cubbies and play with toys. And oh! The toys! Two-year-old heaven is a room chock full of never-seen-before toys. When we left, they were both very concerned that we weren’t bringing […]