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Instrumental joy

Saturday morning I took Henry with me to the music store to buy new guitar strings, where he just about fell over at the sight of the electric guitars and basses on the back wall. When we went into the back room where the acoustics are he squealed with pure delight as he spotted each of the half-dozen ukeleles.

I wish I could spell how he says “ukelele.”

While I was browsing, I had to hold him to keep him from picking up everything. Kid was so happy he was quivering.

Him: “Mommy, I want that blue guitar up there–can we get it?”
Me: “That’s a bass, dude, not a guitar.”
Him: “Can I get that blue bass, please?”
Me: “Maybe later.”
Him: “I really, REALLY want a guitar, Mommy. A shiny one that is not a shape like is your guitar shape.”
Me: “You mean an electric guitar?”
Him: “Yes! Thank you, Mommy, That’s what I want–a ‘lectric guitar! Thank you!”
Me: “You seem to be under the impression I’ve just agreed to buy you an electric guitar.”
Him: (blink blink)
Me: “Hey! Would you like to pick out some new guitar picks for me?”
Him: “YEAH! THAT’s what I wanted to do! THANK you, Mommy!”

He’s the kid who wakes up smiling from ear to ear.

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