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Category Archives: Perils of Parenthood

Little Ninja Lost

I wrote this on November 1, 2014, but I needed to put distance between it happening and posting it. I had grabbed the keys to my friend’s house in order to run ahead of the group and use the bathroom. “You want me to wrangle the kids?” My friend asked, as she pointed out the […]

The end of an era and the beginning of so much more

Welcome back… 🙂 Earlier tonight I was on the phone with my sister, talking with her about how Miranda losing her first tooth today is making me think that Jack and I foolishly set the Tooth Fairy bar rather high with giving Ethan out-of-circulation coins and that we clearly weren’t thinking about how we would manage to […]


Every once in a while I look through my past writing and dust off something from the vault. I originally wrote this in April, 2009, about a week after I delivered Henry and Miranda. I’m flashing back now in honor of their birthday… today… they are two years old! When I gave birth to Ethan, […]

Becoming a parent

Both my pregnancies were not necessarily pieces of cake to achieve.  I remember thinking, after six cycles of trying the first time around, that it didn’t seem fair that some women (especially those who weren’t even trying) could get pregnant so easily. I had been convinced my entire life that I was made for motherhood. […]

Ethan is six today

Ethan is six today. Six seems so much older than five. Six is heading into bona-fide big kid territory. A five-year-old is what Ethan became in pre-school. Six has no connections with pre-school sensibilities. Ethan is six today. Will six still give me hugs and tell his teacher, “I love you?” Will six still hold […]