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Becoming a parent

Both my pregnancies were not necessarily pieces of cake to achieve.  I remember thinking, after six cycles of trying the first time around, that it didn’t seem fair that some women (especially those who weren’t even trying) could get pregnant so easily. I had been convinced my entire life that I was made for motherhood. […]

FLASHBACK: Twinteresting musings

Every once in a while I look through my past writing and dust off something from the vault. I originally wrote this in September, 2008. I was in my first trimester, and still processing the idea of having twins. After writing my last blog post, I remembered this piece. Until they went away to colleges […]


Every morning at seven AM (give or take ten minutes), I hear Henry on the baby monitor, awake and attempting to rouse Miranda. “Ehn-wee! Ehn-wee!” He yells. At least once a day something along the lines of the following is heard in our house: Me: “Where is Henry?” (He points to himself.) Me: “Where is […]


The last three months have been quite trying. Family hurdles to try to overcome, personal challenges to try to not let get me down. And then, oh yeah, trying to manage a house full of little tyrants. I look at the piles of stuff around the house and think I really must do something about […]

Two brains in a pod

Ethan’s brain has always amazed me, but lately, it seems it has been exploding with a kind of curiosity and wonder that is surprising in a five-year-old. Every day, he asks me and Jack questions about life, nature, science, people. A couple of times a week, however, a question pops up that seriously stops us […]