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Category Archives: Perils of Parenthood

The mutual sibling adoration club

We’ve been having issues with Ethan at bedtime lately. Okay, we’ve ALWAYS had issues, but it seems, lately, that the getting out of bed routine has become more frequent. It’s the age-old story of I-can’t-sleep, or, I-heard-a-scary-noise, or, I-just-have-to-tell-you-just-one-thing. He comes out of his room and sits, looking down through the rails on the stairs […]

Oh! Look! Twins!

“I’m sorry,” the lady at Trader Joe’s said to me as I pushed the double stroller, laden with kids and shopping bags on hooks, past the twelve-foot high mountain of breakfast cereal at the end of the frozen food aisle. “I don’t mean to stare.” “It’s okay,” I weakly smiled at her, ushering Ethan away […]

Oh, right! Happy New Year!

My husband does not have your regular nine-to-five job. He doesn’t even have an eight-to-six job. When you work in Logic Man’s field, you can’t really count on regular hours, uh, regularly. I got very used to that before having kids, and then had to do some serious adjustments after Ethan was born. When the […]

Do you miss it?

Do you remember what life used to be like? Do you remember how you could go out whenever you pleased? How the only thing that delayed you from getting out of the house and into the car was you taking your time to put on makeup and do your hair? No matter that you had […]

All day WOW

To those who are familiar with my family, it comes as no surprise to hear that Ethan, my energetic, full-of-life-and-his-own-direction five-year-old is yet again in trouble for one reason or another. He has a hard time being a “first-time listener,” and is a boundary-pusher. He has trouble controlling his body and his impulses, and we […]