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Category Archives: Perils of Parenthood

LAX to SEA, part two (or, I will never do that again)

We flew into Seattle on a Thursday. The following Tuesday, Jack’s mom flew into Seattle as Jack was headed to the airport to fly home. On Wednesday she and Ethan flew to Idaho for his three weeks (three WEEKS!) of Camp Grandma and Grandpa. Then, on Friday, I packed up two suitcases, a backpack, a […]

LAX to SEA, part one

A couple of weeks ago the five of us flew to Seattle for my cousin’s wedding. Since my mother and sister (and her family) live there, we decided to spend more than just the weekend. Wait, back up, you say? The FIVE OF YOU? Are you daft, woman? Um, well, we didn’t have a choice. […]

Waste not, want not

What is it “they” say? What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? Do you think that includes eating food off the floor? How about for kids who eat Cheerios out of the pile you’ve just created by sweeping up after lunch? You turn around for a second to get a dustpan and whammo! Like bees […]

What’s the plan?

Henry, where’s your cup? Blank stare. Henry, where’s your cup? Go get your milk, please. Gibberish in return, as if to say, “Dude, I just hide them. I don’t find them.” Keeping track of all the STUFF involved with raising twins is a constant effort. Spontaneity is not in the mother-of-toddler-multiples vernacular. Lucky for me […]

To protect and serve

Since the weather has been quite pleasant lately, Ethan is often out on the playground at school when I go to pick him up. Usually, as I am loading Henry and Miranda into the stroller in the parking lot, one of his friends will see me and holler hi to me or announce to Ethan […]