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What’s the plan?

Henry, where’s your cup?
Blank stare.
Henry, where’s your cup? Go get your milk, please.

Gibberish in return, as if to say, “Dude, I just hide them. I don’t find them.”

Keeping track of all the STUFF involved with raising twins is a constant effort. Spontaneity is not in the mother-of-toddler-multiples vernacular. Lucky for me I am a planner.

I plan how to get into the car for everyday: around-the-town trips:

  • Make sure Henry and Miranda are appropriately dressed and sun-screened for wherever we are going.
  • These velcro straps are ESSENTIAL items for even the shortest trip.

  • Prep two sippy cups with water. Make sure I have the no-throw straps to go with them.
  • Cheerios, crackers, dried fruit… do I have enough snacks in case we take longer than expected?
  • Double-check the diaper bag for diapers, wipes, my wallet, cell, etc.
  • Bring it all to the car while the kids are penned up in the playroom. Start the car if it is too hot. Open the automatic door on the passenger side. Are there toys and books already in the car? Separate the keys and put house key in door lock.
  • Open the bathroom door for the cat. Capture toddlers now attempting to get into the bathroom (that cat food is way tempting).
  • With a kid on each hip, inch the front door closed and attempt to lock it in the shortest amount of time possible — before little hands get a good grab at the keys.
  • Plop Henry down on the floor of the car, blocking him from falling/escaping out of the car with my body while strapping Miranda into her seat. Grab Henry, go around car, put him in his seat.
  • Add in about three extra steps if Ethan is in the mix (Did he go to the bathroom before heading out the door? Does he have his lunchbox/book/toy/etc.? Does he have his coat/shoes/etc.?)
  • We’re ready to go. That entire process takes at least ten minutes.

If it is a longer trip with all three kids, there is a whole different level of planning involved, and I’m usually better off prepping much of what we will need the night before.

I am now gearing up for our trip next month to Seattle. This will be the first airplane ride for the little ones, and I’ve already started making my lists of what to bring on the plane, what to pack in our checked bags, how to manage all our stuff in the airport. I have a plan already for how to handle car seats and the stroller. My mother has very graciously offered to pre-shop for us on the other end for diapers, special foods, etc., so I’ve started making my lists for her.

So, no spontaneity for us yet, but I don’t think even attempting to be spontaneous would end with good results. What fun would a spur-of-the-moment trip to a park be if we realize too late we have no diapers?

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  1. Jane C says:

    I am exhausted!!