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Pretty root beer

I often have the music on my mp3 player on shuffle in the kitchen, especially before and after dinner (and sometimes during). One evening a few months ago, after launching myself at the player and “la la la-ing” really loudly after I realized that the Ben Folds song, “Rockin’ the Suburbs” that was playing was not the NON-“Over the Hedge” G-rated version, I went through and “scrubbed” the player of any songs that might have language about which I’m not quite ready to get into a conversation with Ethan.

Because, let me tell you, that boy hears EVERYthing.

But he doesn’t always hear it correctly. Tonight, when the player was shuffling through all songs, and not just the kids’ stuff, Tori Amos came on. I was busy making dinner, the music very much background noise for me, when I hear Ethan earnestly singing while building a block tower, “Heeeyayyeeeyeah! What’s it gonna taaayyyaaaake? ‘Til my baking’s alright?? What’s a pancaaaaaake?”

And to wrap it up, “Ahhhhh… pretty root beer.”


  1. Pobba says:

    I had to look up the real lyrics. What’s the “pancake” from?

    I like Ethan’s better

    • Abi says:

      “Heeyeeeeyaayyyeeyeah… What’s it gonna take? ‘Til my baby’s alright? What’s it gonna take?”

      He basically took the two “what’s it gonna take”s and adjusted them to fit what he thought made sense.