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Welcome to the big, wide world

On Tuesday, Miranda and Henry will begin a new phase in their lives as official preschoolers. They’ve been talking about school for weeks, since we visited several times over the summer. They are excited. They seem ready. We’re all eagerly anticipating their first day. But sweet anticipation is accompanied by bittersweet nostalgia. Preschool starts; Christine […]

Words With Ethan

Ethan likes to “help” me play Words With Friends, and tonight he asked if we could play instead of reading a story. He snuggled up to me as I opened the app, and about four games in, I realized he had stopped making suggestions, so I waved my hand in front of his face. No […]

And then…

For the story up to here, read this. Luckily, when we got to the emergency room, there were only two people in front of us, so the wait wasn’t too long (though it must have seemed like forever to Jack, who was barely holding it together in a wheelchair). Jack was hooked up to an […]

What happened next

He was sure it was the stomach flu, or food poisoning. He spent that Friday upstairs with the door closed, only leaving the bed to grope his way to the bathroom, where he would surprise himself with the intensity of his heaving. His belly hurt. It was an unfamiliar, unrelenting pain. The next day wasn’t […]

I would not make a good drug addict

Folks, it has been been a while. I have some really, really good excuses, though. The past month has been chock full of health issues here at the House of Chaos, with things just finally getting back to some semblance of normal. But where to start? Hmm… how about with the day after my eye […]