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Category Archives: General Chaos

My Left Eye

A little over three years ago I started experiencing issues with my eyes. I would wake up in the mornings and feel like little demons were jabbing red-hot pokers in my eyes. You know how it feels when you get an eyelash or some grit or something in your eye? Multiply that by a hundred. […]

Hello, Captain Obvious

If you greet my little ones with a “How are you” you will more than likely see Henry pat himself on the chest with the reply, “I Ehn-wee!”

Becoming a parent

Both my pregnancies were not necessarily pieces of cake to achieve.  I remember thinking, after six cycles of trying the first time around, that it didn’t seem fair that some women (especially those who weren’t even trying) could get pregnant so easily. I had been convinced my entire life that I was made for motherhood. […]

Check Mate

Warning: this blog post is one big kvell-fest. Don’t know what that means? Ask a Jewish mother. Ethan recently joined the Chess Club at his school. He had asked me to sign him up because he knew a couple of his friends were in it. Considering his amazing brain and his penchant for strategy games, […]

Ethan is six today

Ethan is six today. Six seems so much older than five. Six is heading into bona-fide big kid territory. A five-year-old is what Ethan became in pre-school. Six has no connections with pre-school sensibilities. Ethan is six today. Will six still give me hugs and tell his teacher, “I love you?” Will six still hold […]