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Not scary

Tonight after lights out Miranda exclaims, “Monsters!! OH NO!”

“No, Miranda,” I say after coming into their room. “There are no monsters in this house. Only love.”

I kind of pull that last bit out of my…uh…I kind of come up with that one on the fly. I leave their room after a series of kisses and hugs and go to tend to Ethan getting out of the shower.

A few minutes later I hear screaming and crying, so I go back in. Henry is spitting across the room at Miranda and she’s yelling and crying, “Henwee! Scarwe me!”

“No, Miranda,” I say. “Henry is NOT scary. He’s just Henry.” I turn to Henry. “Don’t be rude, Henry.”

“Donta be arwoot, Henwee!” Miranda barks. Henry giggles and spits some more.

“Don’t be rude, dude,” I say.

“Donta be arwoot, dood!” she parrots. “Mommy! NOT scarwy. Monsters not scarwy. Ohnwee wuv.”

Henry giggles.

So do I.

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