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Love and satisfaction

Henry: “I yuv you, Mommy. And I yuv Daddy.”
Me: “Henry, what is love?”
Henry: “I don’t know.”
Me: “Well, what does love make you feel like?”
Henry: “Like… Like hummus!”
Me: “Interesting…”

. . . . .

Miranda: “Mommy! I went poopy on the potty! Do I get a gummie now?
Me: “No, sweetheart. You’re a big girl now. We don’t have gummies for that anymore.”
Miranda: “If we don’t have gummies, what do I get?”
Me: “Satisfaction.”
Miranda: “But I don’t WANT satisfaction! I want another something that I get!”
Me: “You get to feel good about having used the potty.”
Miranda: “Hmmph.”


  1. Julie says:

    Love this!

  2. Teri says:

    I am with Miranda- it really is too bad that snacks for pooping on the potty get phased out. It would be the best excuse for M&Ms everyday.