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Pregnant? Have I got some advice for you!

Hey, pregnant women… have you ever been out shopping, minding your own business, lost in your own thought, when some crazy, wild-eyed lady comes up to you and strikes up a conversation out of the blue, offering you advice?

Um, hi. Yeah, that’s me. Sorry for freaking you out.

I can’t help it. Through two pregnancies and three children, I’ve discovered lots of excellent and not-so-excellent products out there, and if I can find a way to let some stranger know about them… well.. let’s just say I’m not shy. It helps when I have the kids with me, I think. Then I don’t seem quite as… wack-job-ish.

So, in an effort to spare the unsuspecting mother-to-be in the chill of the frozen food aisle, I will simply give out a URL from now on. Not quite as dramatic, but to the point nonetheless…

I give you: Product recommendations for new parents and parents-to-be.

I’ll add to the page as I think of things, I’m sure. Someday maybe I’ll be all organized and group products in a way that makes sense, but for now my limited brain can only handle alphabetical order… or at least semi-alpha-order.

So tell me… What baby or mother-to-be products could you not live without??


  1. Sara says:

    I love this list! Thanks so much for posting it-I am directing newly preggo friends straight here! 🙂

  2. Emily says:

    Simethicone, aka Baby Tums in drop form — can give 10x a day. I just say “Simethicone” and then I think, “Thank you.”