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Caught in the, uh, headlights

The setting, my room. I am getting dressed. Henry walks in. He points to my bra.
Him: “Whassdat?”
Me: “Um… That is something that Mommy wears.”
Him: “What’s its name called?”
Me: “It’s called a bra.”
Him: “Why you have it?”
Me: “It’s something that I wear.”
Him: “But, WHY?”
Me: “Because I need it to wear.”
Him: “Why you need it?”
Me: “I need it to cover myself.”
Him: “Cover what?”
Me, sighing: “My… boobies.” (Mental head smack.)
Him: “What are boobies?”
Me: “Something that Mommies have.”
He pauses.
I wait, knowing what is coming next.
Him: “Can I see your boobies?”
And scene.


  1. I guess you didn’t breastfeed him?

    • Abi says:

      Tereza- Henry and Miranda both had trouble latching, and I had trouble producing enough for two at once, so I ended up pumping and bottle-feeding both breast milk and formula to them. So yah… he didn’t really have much of a, uh, relationship with my… headlights. 🙂